Sunday, October 23, 2011

To Die For Chocolate Cupcakes with Big Steppin Skeletons

Last night, I revealed my celebrity crush AND posted a recipe for Chocolate Cupcakes that are TO DIE FOR! After making them tonight, it is confirmed (again) that they are, indeed, TO DIE FOR!

The rich Chocolate cake mixed with the  Ganache and the Frosting are so incredible.  I suggest making mini's so you don't have an overload.

Now, in my post last night I said that I was going to leave off the Chambord Ganache but still have the Raspberry filling.  Well, I changed my mind.  I left out the filling but included the Ganache.  I did change it a little and use some Red Wine I had on hand.  Didn't have the time to go buy Chambord.  It still tasted heavenly.

The Mascarpone Frosting was delectable.  Why don't I make this more often?  It has got to be one of the easiest frostings out there.  It is so light and fluffy and so sweet!  Not sweet like grocery store frosting.  Sweet like I could eat the whole bowl and not frost the cupcakes.

All in all, I'm very satisfied with this cupcakes.  So satisfied that I'm debating on whether I'm going to take them to work with me tomorrow??  Do I really want to share??  =)

Now the fun part.  If you recall, my celebrity crush is Aaron Goodwin of Travel Channel's GHOST ADVENTURES.  You should also remember his signature move.  You don't? I'll give you a second to go back and read that last post.....


Ok, welcome back.  So, he's a Big Steppin kinda guy.  Throwing around some ideas for an upcoming Halloween cake, I thought I'd try out some chocolate Big Steppin Skeletons.  They were so easy to make!  I melted some chocolate chips in a bowl.  Poured the melted chips into a heavy duty plastic baggy and cut off the tip.  I do this a lot if I'm not trying to make super fancy designs.  Anyway, I basically just drew the shape I wanted onto some parchment paper and stuck them in the fridge to set.

He's Big Steppin his way out of my cupcake!

I love it!  Unfortunately, The frosting is soft and so is this little guy so as soon as it started warming up, it also started falling over.  It looked ok when I just laid them all on their cupcakes instead of trying to stand them all up.

Whether or not you want to try to add a little skeleton to your cupcake is up to you but I do suggest that you most definitely make these cupcakes.  They are made to impress and I promise they will! 

If you're a single lady, like myself, grab a glass of red wine, one of these cupcakes and settle in on the couch to watch the most recent episode of Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel.  Friday nights!!  =)

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