Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just a common cold...right?

I've heard people refer to colds forever as "a common cold." Why does something so common make you feel like you're head is going to explode!! That isn't very common!

That being said, I feel like crap tonight. It's Saturday night, the Oregon Ducks just whooped on ASU and I'm up late watching Hocus Pocus because I can't sleep thanks to this "common cold!"

I think I'm just gonna hop on Twitter for a while and catch up with my Tweeps... (Is that what the kids call em? Remember, I'm getting too old for cool kid lingo.)

Tomorrow, I'll be 20 days from 30 and cupcakes will fill my kitchen, my mouth, my thighs.....

Until then, my dears, enjoy some sweet dreams for me.

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